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Tramilda Online Sale (Expo Edition) September 29 - October 6
High Genomics, Show Type, Choices, Embryos

Savage-Leigh Golden Girl VG-88 2y
Reserve All-American Milking Yearling 2014
Her Flush-age Windbrook and McCutchen Dtrs Sell!!

Ms Boyana Uno Brinley VG-87 2y GTPI 2367
Her 2521 GTPI Draco and 2504 GTPI Kingboy Dtrs Sell!!

M-Riverview Audra-Red EX-92
HM Champion NY International Spring R&W Show 2015
Her 1st Choice Awesome-Red Sells due June 2016!!

Ms Tara GC Tahiti VG-86 2y
(scored and pictured 2 weeks fresh)
Look for Tahiti in the Budjon String at World Dairy Expo!!
Her sexed Brady embryos Sell!!

IHG Flame Elsa 9173 GTPI 2555
From the same family as Kingboy
Her sexed Jedi embryos Sell with PA near 2700 GTPI
The Kind We Sell